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After creating a preset of my effect to the following directory: "StreamingAssets/PackFx/MechFX/" i have tried to add my preset to the PkFxFX component which resulted in the following error message: 

[PKFX] Invalid FX path.
Effects must be baked in Assets/StreamingAssets/PackFx/ (case sensitive) and have a .pkfx extension

What I have noticed is that the preset is saved as a .prefab file but why? and how can I prevent it from doing that and save it as a .pkfx file?


regards Julian Kaulitzki


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Hi Julian,

Have you created your effect using the PopcornFX editor?


It seems like you are mixing up the default Unity particle system with our solution. The .pkfx files are created using our editor, the particle system integrated with Unity (Shuriken) does not require our plugin and vice versa.

by Paul (8k points)