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Is there something special to do to have my mesh renderers render in my android app? Currently I have something working fine in Unity but once I build I can't see it anymore (it is actually a VR app using gearVR). I did build the asset pack and I have no problem with other stuff coming from popcorn.


Thank you in advance!
by Valon (340 points)

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did you have a look at this section of the wiki for Android related issues ?

First simple questions:

- Did you buy the PopcornFX Android plugin ?

- Is this issue specific to meshes or no particles at all render on android ?

- Is there anything more explicit in the PopcornFX logs/console ?


by HugoPKFX (17.5k points)
Hi! Thanks for the answer.

Yes I did the right steps, we are using PkFx since a few months now and we did buy the android plug-in.

I have no problems with every other effects but it just happens that it's the first time I do an effect this way so I am probably doing it wrong.

I don't see anything in the logs.
Meshes should render fine on Android devices.
So every renderers (Billboard/Ribbon) render well on Android but mesh renderers don't ?
Could you send us your effect at support at popcornfx dot com so we could look into it ?