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The popcorn.htm in unity's folder is giving me a lot errors:

[KR_BASE_OBJECT]> Failed parsing HBO field "GlobalScale"...

[KR_BASE_OBJECT]> Failed parsing HBO field "CustomName"...

[KR_BASE_OBJECT]> Failed parsing HBO field "Wavelength"...

The last two I assume have something to do with turbulency.

And even:

[GE_SHAPES]> shape descriptor: failed loading mesh resource "Meshes/model_unit.pkmm"

[GE_SHAPES]> failed creating shape

Even though that particle system has no mesh samplers or even meshes in the backdrop.


I'm using popcornfx 1.9.

by Zheljka (720 points)

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Hi Zheljka,

This could be due to trying to load an Fx created with the version 1.9 of the editor with an older version of the Unity plugin.

Have you updated your plugin to the version 2.7?

You can see which version of the editor you should use by clicking on your camera in Unity and there should be a build version:

For example, the plugin in the picture above is built for the version 1.9.0 of the editor.

Hope this will help you solve those errors.


by Paul (8k points)