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I'm wanting to sample meshes dynamically using popcornFX.

In the project, we're going to have lots of armor sets and we're wanting an effect that will sample the current player mesh and do things based upon that as an input, much like how you can currently sample specific meshes.

Would this be possible natively? Would it be possible with some C# scripting on Unity's side and something hooked up on popcornFX's side?

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Hi there,

It depends on what you mean by "dynamic" and how dynamic you need it to be.

Currently the only solution would be having 1 PKFxFX component by part of the armor and have them sample a static shape, the limb's transforms are the FX's transforms.

We have a feature in development right now that would be useful for this, too : the attribute samplers.
This would allow you to have attributes of type "shape" and pass a mesh and its transforms to the effect.

Finally, we have a feature currently on backlog that would allow to sample skinned meshes, by binding a mesh and updating its bones every frame.
Unfortunately we haven't scheduled that feature, yet.
by Raphael (10.6k points)