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Is it possible to render VFX in front of NGUI elements? If so, how would you recommend doing this. We have an orthographic UI camera, and a Main Camera (pointed at the world).

We plan to us PKfx for in game world space effects, but would also like to use PKfx in UI space with the ability to specify the rendering layer/offset so that we can have vfx in front of OR behind UI elements. Is this possible?

I've experimented with having two rendering plugins on the scene (one for each camera) and this helps with VFX in UI placement, but this seems inefficient and I notice that the VFX show behind NGUI sprites/textures.

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We are not aware of how NGUI rendering is implemented, so it's difficult to give a correct solution. You could try changing the "rendering pass" in the PopcornFX preferences (Editor -> PopcornFX Preferences), but I'm not sure this would work, and that this is what you are looking for.

It really all depends on how NGUI renders its widgets, as PopcornFX particles are rendered in world space, it should work if NGUI widgets were rendered in 3D space.

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