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I am attempting to use a PlanarAlignedQuad for unity, so that whatever direction the effect is moving, the distortion will be paper thin (an ice wall).  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8432940/SAS/popcornFX_UnityPlane.jpg (for reference)

The way it comes into Unity and it billboards on that one plane, only, is it possible to local space the Axis Field?
by midwinterdreams (1.2k points)

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This is definitely possible by setuping the planar axes from the spawner script, so that Axis1/Axis2 contain the localspace axes from your emitter, as shown below:

Spawn script

then, you will need to set Axis1/Axis2's transform method to be "Transform Rotate" (see this related question where Julien explains all this) as show below:

Transform rotate

Hope this helps.


by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
Perfect.  This did the trick!  I was 1/2 way there just didn't know about the scene alignment, I know I will be using this more in the future.

Thank you as always Hugo, you are always a huge help!
No problem :),

you can also use scene.axisUp();

It is also possible to construct a float3 that will be automatically swizzled depending on the pack's axis system by using :
Axis1 = float3suf(0, 1, 0);
float3suf meaning float3 side up forward, and it will be automatically swizzled depending on the axis system.

It's useful to create particle packs compatible across various game engines (UE4/Unity) that don't have the same axis system.

Sample Shape rotation in Unity