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I currently have a system in the ParticleEditor that has particles flowing up, hitting a Colide SamplerShape [Simple] - BOX.  The CParticleEvolver_Collisions has settings to bounce the particles down.

In Unity, the particles just flow upwards and never bounce.

The PK Fx Scene Mesh Builder would be placed on Geo for collision, but since the Colide SamplerShape BOX doesn't 'exist' outside of the Popcorn Editor, there is no place to add the Mesh Builder component.

Does this make simple SamplerShape incompatible for collision physics?


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This is likely to be a worldspace/localspace issue:

I'm guessing that collision tests on your BOX shape sampler are issued in Worldspace. To fix this, place your CParticleEvolver_Collisions under (as a child of) a CParticleEvolver_Localspace, as shown in the picture below.


Hope this helps.

by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
This was it. Thank you, Hugo,  for the always quick and clear solutions.