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Need to create particle systems with shadow-casting. Ideally, self-shadowing as well. Not finding documentation for this. Any help?

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This depends entirely on what engine you're using. The popcorn runtime doesn't take care of rendering.

With UE4, it's just a matter of using a shadow-casting / receiving material for your particles.
With Unity, it's not possible yet (our plugin doesn't have access to Unity's render pipe & shadows / lights).

With a custom engine, you'll have to implement your own shadow-casting translucent materials. The C++ sample rendering code we provide doesn't handle shadow-casting materials, as they're usually very dependent on your engine's rendering pipeline, and it would complexify the sample code quite a bit.
by Julien (32.8k points)
By the way, with UE4, our content examples show how to do this.

To download the content examples project, go here: http://www.popcornfx.com/unreal-engine-4/
Then scroll down to the downloads section and grab the "Project content examples" archive.
Then open the map "Maps/Shadows".
Thanks, Julien. I had thought it was possible within the PopcornFX editor. What about self-shadowing particles? Separate question?
Unfortunately no, you won't be able to preview shadow receiving or shadow casting particles in the editor viewport, at least not until the editor V2 (first betas planned for the end of this year)