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Is there a way to have Popcornfx work in virtual reality? Many thanks

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Yes, the latest plugin (2.6 when writing this) was tested with Unity's native VR support.

What seems to be the problem?
by Raphael (10.6k points)
Thanks for you answer, I should have added I was testing with the newest
PopcornFX discovery pack (2.0), to see how it looked and performed in vr before purchasing the full plugin. I imported the package into a new project, opened the demo scenes and pressed play, the particle fx did not display. Changing the camera rendering mode to forward, caused some of the fx to display (shooter scene) but not all of them.

Oh ok.
Well, the discovery package contains v2.5 of the plugin. Some VR-related issues have been addressed with the 2.6 (current version of the paid plugin) and further integration should be available in the upcoming 2.7.
Okay thanks. Do you have anything I can use to evaluate the v2.6 fx in vr? I need to gather an idea of it's potential or not, as imminent decisions have to be made regarding the software to go forward with. Thanks