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Right now I have a hand-painted mesh with a .png diffuse texture. I tried fading the color over time :

Color = select(Color,Color*LifeRatio,Age > 1.1);

My logic being that the alpha from float4 color will also slowly turn to zero as particles get nearer to death.


This works if the mesh shading material is set to additive, but then, the mesh is half transparent all the time.

I want the mesh to be solid without lightning. if I set the material to solid, then the alpha doesn't turn to 0, And my mesh stays visible all the time, instead of fading out.

by Zheljka (720 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Zhelika,

Indeed, fading out the color of a mesh is not currently possible in the PopcornFX Editor.
We could use an alpha blend material to solve this issue, meaning that we would have to sort triangles, but we don't for now.

However, our next release 1.9 will allow you to use custom shaders in Unity, you will certainly be able to use those to achieve this goal. Similarly, using the UE4 plugin allows you to use your own shaders on particles as well as meshes.


by Maxime (5.4k points)