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I am setting up my project and am running into a strange interaction.

When setting up my project, my pack root is: e:\project\

Inside e:\project\ I have two folders leading to my raw art and the game art:

Source Art:   e:\project\source_art\VFX\Particles\
Game:          e:\project\trunk\Unity\Assets\StreamingAssets\PackFX\

My source art folder contains my raw .pkfx folder, and I want the bake to goto the Unity folder.

I set up bake setting of :
Unity  |    /trunk/Unity/Assets/StreamingAssets/PackFX

Which I would assume would head into my Game directory, but instead creates:


Why is it tacking on the source art folder structure onto the end of the bake location, and more importantly, how do I get rid of it.


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When you bake effects, the editor will "Mirror" the PopcornFX project's directory structure into the target baking output folder (here, StreamingAssets/PackFx).

Your PopcornFx project being located at e:/project,

this means that the source_art folder will be considered part of the popcornfx project folder structure, hence being mirrored too.

The way to fix it is either to re-organize your project's pack folder structure, or define the root location of your popcornfx project in:

e:/project/source_art/VFX instead of e:/project

For an effect located at:


this would lead to the following streaming assets folder structure:


NoteIf you choose to move your popcornfx project root location, don't forget to modify accordingly the baking platform path.

Hope this helps.


by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
It does.
I was wrapped up in the idea that the pack root should be at the root of the project. The word root through me off. Thanks!