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I am having an issue where particles aren't using mesh data when using fbx meshes. I've tried baking out some of the samples and they either don't show up or the particles simulate without mesh interaction.

I am using Unity 5.2.2, Popcorn Editor 1.8.4 and Popcorn 2.5p1 for Standalone plugin.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Andrew,

I am not sure to properly understand your request. Which samples are you trying to bake ?

What is your objective? 
Are you trying to create collisions between a mesh in your scene and an effect? 
Are you trying to use a mesh sampler with evolvers (like attractor or projection)?
Or are you trying to use a mesh renderer ?

Maybe you have missed something when setting up your project:
- Did you setup your PopcornFx and Unity projects as it is explain in the tutorial? (http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Unity#Unity_Project_Setup )
- Did you properly bake your effects from the PopcornFx editor, and setup the correct baking paths?
- If you want the particles to collide with the scene, have you added the PKFxSceneMeshBuilder script component on an object in the scene, then drag and dropped on it the mesh you want to collide with ? (You also have to click on "Build meshes") (http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Unity#Setup_Particle_Collisions)

Depending on your answer, i'll be able to give more precision about your problem.

Best regards,

by Maxime (5.4k points)
Hello Maxime,

I was having issues with a specific fbx skinned animation I was exporting out of Maya 2016 where the animated mesh was driving the particle system correctly in the popcorn editor but when I baked it out to my Unity project's StreamingAssets folder I can see the particles animate but they weren't following the mesh. One of the examples I have tried is the CollisionDection (skull) example. Where when baked it showed the particles flowing down but they weren't colliding with the skull. I see the Skull_01 mesh in the relevant mesh folder in streaming assets. Is there anything else I have to do in the scene to get this working?

Thanks again,
Hello Andrew,

So you have two different problems here:

- Animated (or Skeletal or Skinned) meshes are not implemented in Unity yet.
The fact is that backdrops in the Popcorn editor are just edition helpers to simulate a scene and therefore not exported with the effect when it is baked, also animations are handled by the engine (here Unity) and we don't have control over it yet.
So if you try to launch one of the AnimMesh-N effect from the example pack, you will see particles spawning from the actual mesh, but the mesh will not be animated like it is in the editor. Like here: http://imgur.com/y8ZxY3Y

By the way, here is the current Unity feature implementation state: http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Unity/FeatureList

- If you want to reproduce the CollisionDetection effect with the Skull_01 mesh, you have two possibilities:

        *First, you can import the Skull_01.fbx on your own in the Unity scene, this is basically the same thing that adding a backdrop, backdrops are scene simulation in the editor. (Don't put the asset in the StreamingAsset folder, Unity won't recognise it if you do so) It should looks like this: http://imgur.com/Nc6OzCa http://imgur.com/0iSJowS

        *As i said before, backdrops are not exported when baking effects from the editor, but samplers are. So if you want your effects to natively reproduce the same collision they have in the effect, you will have to add a shape sampler mesh, choose the mesh you want to sample in the editor(see the imgur image link below), add a 'Collisions' evolver to your particles, and chose 'Mesh' in the Collider field.
Here is an image that will shurely help you: http://imgur.com/74ELiWd
You will have the Effect in Unity playing the same collisions you have in the editor, but unity will not draw the collided mesh. (you will have to add a mesh renderer by yourself in the scene for that).

Hope it helped you,