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I have created an effect in unreal which i would like to replicate in Popcorn effects. Is there a way to export between programs or copy specific data? I know there is a plugin to bring popcorn assets into unreal, does this work for exporting as well?


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Cascade (UE4) and PopcornFX are quite different, there is no trivial way to automatically translate a Cascade Effect into a PopcornFX one.

But AFAIK, a "Cascade to PopcornFX translator" is feasible, PopcornFX is flexible enough, especially with scripts, to re-create any behavior. But it requires quite a bit a work to translate every Cascade features into PopcornFX ones.

So, it's good idea, but we are quite busy with the PopcornFX Plugin itself for now, so we don't plan to tackle this one.
by Jordan (14.6k points)