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I've got event firing up local layer with parent field working, can't replicate it by using external effect though.
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Unfortunately you cannot pass parent-fields across effects yet.

it's a side-effect of parent fields not being transmitted through folders, only to layers.
each effect has a folder at its root, so the parent fields get lost and are not transmitted further down to the actual layers.

when we implement parent-field support on folders, this will become possible.
by Julien (35.3k points)
How do you actually use parent fields? Whenever I try to set them up, I just end up getting compilation errors.
If you're in a trail child layer, you don't have anything to do, they're auto-declared.
If you're in a layer that will be triggered and needs to access the fields of the triggering particle, you'll need to explicitely declare which parent-fields you are expecting. There's a 'parent fields' section in the 'Fields' node of each layer.

if you're only using, say, Color and Size of the parent particle, you only need to declare Color and Size, no need to declare all the fields of the parent particle.
Is there any way to re-orient the external FX called via event?
For the record, this question has been answered here: