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Is it possible to get information about camera orientation? Guess I could feed it in as attribute, but that would be pain in the ass to test in popcorn editor.

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Pk-Editor v1.6.0 introduced attributes that are automatically feed by the editor if named correctly:

ViewPosition, ViewOrientation, ViewForward, ViewSide, ViewUp

Please note that this is editor only, once imported into the game engine, these attributes won't be Updated anymore, you would have to set these attributes manually.


by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
Maybe it would be useful to have them be built-in like scene.Time etc.
This is something we intend to keep editor only, otherwise games that have split screen, camera systems, etc couldn't rely on effect that access "scene.camera" for example. However, we could provide components in the Unity/UE4 integrations that feed ViewPosition, ViewOrientation and other attributes automatically.