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Hi, i have a 2048X2048 spreadsheet texture , so i would like to set the height and the width (8X8 because all my textures are in 256 X 256 ). So am i need to pass trough scripting for setting that ?

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1/ Open AtlasBuilder

2/ Import your image (File Menu)

3/ Right-click on the image, select subdivide (ContextMenu)

4/ enter 8x8

5/ Export your atlas (*.pkat)

1/ select your texture

2/ select your atlas (.pkat)

1/ create a new evolver Flipbook

2/ set LastFrameCount to 64

I uploaded a small package here : http://answers.popcornfx.com/downloads/AtlasBuilder/MyAtlas.pkkg




by Maxime (640 points)
Thanks to taking time for this answer, i appreciate. Its more clear than some (few) tutorial video i found on the web. :)

There is some clear information missing.  Import texture - WHAT texture?  What format?  Every time I click "import images" I get wrong image format warning.  Targa, PNG, DDS, none work.
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PopcornFX Atlases (.pkat) contains normalized values: between [0,1] so the original texture size in pixel don't matter.

There is a (hidden) tool to create pkat, the Atlas Builder: http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Atlas_builder

by Jordan (14.6k points)