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I'm experimenting with exporting samplers, but they don't seem to work. Here's what I'm doing:

1) In the tutorial effect 070_EffectInterface_Attributes, add a new curve attribute in the Effect Interface box. Call it Curve2, and add it to the Character category, so it's listed under the existing Curve attribute.

2) Drag the Curve2 attribute into the Nodegraph window, next to the Curve box. Link the output of the unnamed curve sampler box to the input of Curve2 (so it goes to both Curve and Curve2).

3) Delete the link between Curve and CurveOverTime, and link Curve2 and CurveOverTime. The animating character stops rendering, as if Curve2 is outputting 0 instead of the data from the sampler. But I've verified that the properties of Curve2 match the ones in Curve; as far as I can tell they should be identical.

Am I missing something about how attribute samplers are supposed to be set up? I'm using version 2.7.4 of the editor.
by sjakab (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Steven,

We entered this issue in our bugfix list for upcoming 2.8 patches, thanks for reporting the issue.

by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)