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Is culling particles from a sampled mesh with a regular Shape sampler working with the UE4 plugin?

    Position = Mesh.samplePosition(PCoords)*Disperse;

In the popcorn editor this works as expected but in UE4 no particles are rendered when Shape_1 is large enough to cull any particles.

Popcorn version - 1.13

UE4 version - 4.17

by metalayer (410 points)

1 Answer

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Kind of a very late answer, but here goes anyway:

What type of shape is "Shape_1" ?

the "contains" function works builtin for all shape types except meshes, where it needs volume sampling information to work.

AFAIK There's no way in the UE4 plugin to bind a custom mesh to an attribute sampler with volume sampling info. And even if it's not an attribute sampler, it's a pain to setup in the popcorn editor due to the lack of automation, which forces you to do that manually.

If it's not a mesh but say, a sphere or box or whatever other basic primitive, it should work fine ?

by Julien (35.3k points)