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We are currently getting multiple crash log.  Inside the editor we do not have the issue, but we do in the build.
Here is the FX https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RCOFGMlL1ioHUFP9-hxIY2Lhpa0nh0Ga/view?usp=sharing

========== OUTPUTTING STACK TRACE ==================

0x00007FFA61301770 (VCRUNTIME140) memset
0x00007FFA09B7DB50 (PK-UnityPlugin) SetDelegateOnRendererNamesAdded
0x00007FFA09B82B85 (PK-UnityPlugin) SetDelegateOnRendererNamesAdded
0x00007FFA09B950A9 (PK-UnityPlugin) SetDelegateOnUpdateRendererBounds
0x00007FFA09B901BC (PK-UnityPlugin) OnRenderEvent
0x00007FFA0D0D6162 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_YieldExecution
0x00007FFA0CD74E18 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_SupportsThreads
0x00007FFA0CD792DB (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_SupportsThreads
0x00007FFA0CD793B8 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_SupportsThreads
0x00007FFA0D07B128 (UnityPlayer) UnityMain
0x00007FFA763A7BD4 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x00007FFA76E8CE51 (ntdll) RtlUserThreadStart========== END OF STACKTRACE ===========
by midwinterdreams (1.2k points)

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Hi midwinterdreams,

I Checked out your effect, and it seem that you got null ref exeptions being thrown due to missing resources on your mesh renderer.

As the effect is completely stripped of any texture or meshes, I suspect you stripped it of any resource for confidentiality. If so, contact PopcornFX via support@popcornfx.com with the full effect.


If not, check if the mesh renderer resources is imported insided a child folder of the resources directory. As when building standalone unity will import any asset located here.

Hope this helps

by vmartin (780 points)
So mesh has to have textures applied?  They have only a diffuse/normal.

You can left the mesh with the solid color, but in the first PKKG you sent, the FBX was missing.
Odd, must have been a bad export, there is for sure a FBX there.  There is also meshes in unity.