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We want, in VR (HTC Vive), to project a particles to make a kind of "beam" in the extension of the VR controller (in Z of the controller, not of the world). We have increased the "velocity" (attribute), but the particles projection remains in the Z direction of the "velocity" (so of the world) no matter how the controller rotates.

As part of PopCorn we have inserted an "orientation" attribute (see attachment) which works. We would like to get this attribute in Unity to synchronize this PopCorn attribute, with the controller rotation, but it doesn't accept "export as attribute"... Nor a "float 3"... Could you help us?

Best regards
by GerardB (120 points)
Hi Gerard,
I see no attachment here?
Which version of PopcornFX are you using ?

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Dear Gerard,

This usually happens when forgetting to use transforms to the vector.

In your case you should be inserting a Local directions to world transform node right after your velocity vector. It should fix the problem.

Best regards.

by Awawi (140 points)