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I am currently trying to profile our Unity game. I noticed, that there is a PkFxProfilerCaptureButton component which will create a binary ProfileReport.pkpr file. How do you open this file to view the results? Couldn't find a way to open it with the editor. Also, couldn't find any documentation about it.

Sorry, if there is an obvious way to do it - I am new to PopcornFX. I know that you can profile individual effects in the editor but I am more interested to see why our overall performance isn't that great sometimes (I'm a programmer, not a VFX artist).

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by Georg (160 points)

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Hi, you'll need to grab the "ProfilerReplay.zip" archive here: https://support.popcornfx.com/projects/popcornfx-v2/files

(and register if you don't have an account on this support tracker, it can take a couple of hours to get validated, as we do a manual activation)

You can then drag & drop a .pkpr file on the .exe, and it'll open a window showing the captured profile.

You can navigate in there using the IJKL keys to zoom in/out and pan. Hovering a node with the mouse will display its timings.

It's a pretty "barebones" tool but it should do the job.

We're actually thinking about integrating that in the PopcornFX v2 editor directly, and/or allowing to capture chrome tracing files instead, which might be much easier for everyone to use (but they produce much larger files, so it might be impractical for large traces).

by Julien (35.3k points)