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I was wondering about the SDK license for popcornfx.
I couldn't find anything on your site.

I was wondering about the feasibility of creating an ofx plug-in using your SDK to be able to port particle effects to editors like after effect, vegas, hitfilm, nuke...
So I was wondering if there was a license of the SDK to develop an ofx plugin that would be free (GPL ? Apache license ?). (I'm not a company, it would be a home-made development. If the project seemed feasible in time).
But having searched, I have the impression that it would go against your business plan.
Can you enlighten me on that?

I don't know if I'm clear, English is not my mother tongue.

Best regards,

Florian Dufour
by FlorianDuf (320 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Florian,

The PopcornFX C++ SDK isn't opensource, and is under NDA, so unfortunately that's not possible.

Best regards,
by Julien (35.2k points)
Thank you for your answer. I understand.