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I'm new to PopcornFX 2. Size seems to be a single float for uniform scaling the billboard. I saw there was an aspect in PFX1 that could have been used in the previous version.

Is there a tutorial file or sample that may have a non-uniformly scaled billboard? I'm just looking to scale it to support a texture that's 1x2.

Thanks in advance,

by ryan.gillespie (300 points)
I've located the BillboardScreenControls Size2D just looking for an example of proper usage now.

2 Answers

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I believe I found the solution in one of the newer tutorial videos with AxisAlignedSpheroid.
by ryan.gillespie (300 points)
This won't really do the same thing. AxisAlignedSpheroid does stretch the billboard  to a non-uniform size, but it's constrained along a 3D axis (think motion blur for sparks).

If you want a screen-aligned sprite, you'll need to use the BillboardScreenControls helper node.
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Hey Ryan,

You can find an example of this in the "Tutorials" package, in the effect "Particles/042_Billboard_Extra.pkfx"

You'll need to setup your billboard renderer to be in "plane aligned" mode, and wire the "Position", "Size", "Axis", and "NormalAxis" outputs of the "BillboardScreenControls" node into the corresponding inputs of the renderer.

Note that in v2.3.0 (still around a month and a half away from release), we added a builtin 'float2' size pin in the billboard renderer, so you won't need this workaround anymore :)

by Julien (35.2k points)
Hey Julien,

Thanks for the response. I appreciate the assistance. Excited to hear this functionality will be built in to 2.3.0.

Have a good one!