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I am currently working on a project which needs VFX and I think this program could really help me.

Thing is that I don't know if it will actually work because it's a 3D animation project (done in Maya on top of that). I have everything rendered and animated already, I just need the VFX.

For example: one character emanates smoke, I have the character animated and rendered, I'd need the smoke in another layer. I was wondering if I could work my way around this. Is there a way I could import the animation or the animated objects without having a motion path constrained? I actually have an additional mesh which could be used as an emitter for the smoke, it should take its shape as well. (?) If I import that mesh, will I be able to render it and place on the scene?

Is there a way I could import the camera too?
by Scarlet (120 points)

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