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I saw there was an experimental CActionFactoryDecalSpawner in Version 1. I just want to see if decals are supported in PopcornFX 2.

Thanks in advance,


by ryan.gillespie (300 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Ryan,

In PopcornFX v2 the intended workflow for decals is to use broadcasted events.
You can't preview decals in the popcorn editor.

We just implemented broadcasted events in the UE4 plugin, and you'll be able to use them in the next build.

In UE4 they can be used to trigger blueprints, and you can extract all the payload data sent by popcorn along the event.

Regarding decals we also have a decal renderer in the backlog.

by Julien (35.3k points)
Hey Julien,

Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. Great to hear it's on the backlog.

All the best,