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Could you give an estimate when it will be available?
by Marianne (120 points)

What plugin do you refer to ? PopcornFX v1 or PopcornFX v2 ?
PopcornFX v2 plugin compatibility with UE4 is coming with v2.1.2, released this week so stay tuned
PopcornFX v1 plugin however hasn't been addressed yet

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I'm talking about v1. Will v1 still be supported in the future? Will users of v1 get the upgrade to v2?
by taco24 (220 points)
PopcornFX v1 is not in full development anymore, the latest stable version being v1.13.4, and last supported UE4 version 4.21
It's unlikely that we release new PopcornFX versions, and you can expect the plugin support to stop - we'll stop upgrading to latest UE4 versions basically.
However, if you are in a special situation where you really need a v1 plugin upgrade, please reach out to support.
We intend to provide a PopcornFX v1 -> v2 effects upgrader, but that's still in the works
Hope this helps
Thank you for the reply. Will existing customers of v1 get the plugin v2 for free or how much does an upgrade for personal/indie cost? I don't need an upgrader but I would like to use popcornfx with Unreal 4.22 and future releases.
PopcornFX v2 changes in terms of prices, you can find more info here: https://www.popcornfx.com/pricing/ (plugins will be free on desktop and mobile for UE4). I would suggest you reach out to our contact or support mails so we can discuss your options in more detail