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Hello is it possible for someone to give me this effect so I can study how it was created I use popcornfx in iclone the editor version I am using is (1,12,3,42400).

Thank you for your time.
by WarpedRealityVFX (120 points)

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Hi, I'm not sure what effect you're talking about?

Is it one of the effect available in the iclone packs?

We (@ popcorn) don't have the sources of the effects the iclone folks made, they did the iclone plugin & effect pack themselves, so maybe try asking them directly? If it's not from one of their packs, could you please provide a link to which effect you're referring to :)

(we might still not be able to provide the source if it was made for a client)

Thanks !
by Julien (35.2k points)
First, thank you for replying to my question all the effects I'm looking for are in the free PopcornFX Discovery Pack for unity.


Thank you for your time.
Ah, well those should include the effect sources.

You should have a folder "UnityProject/PackFx_Editor", containing a "PopcornProject.xml" or "PopcornProject.pkproj" file

You can add this as a new project in the popcorn editor, and open the various effects.