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How to render or capture sequences from PopcornFX Editor 2 viewport.
by cjchong (120 points)

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That feature hasn't yet been added to the v2 editor, we have it on the roadmap.
by Julien (35.2k points)

I looked in the roadmap on https://trello.com/b/Z1q9xz72/popcornfx-roadmap

And I don't see the development of the feature.

When could it be developed? In a few months, years? Just to get an idea.
Because popcornfx is a fantastic tool, and version 2 is super well thought out. She would have super interesting potential for filmmaking.
That trello roadmap hasn't been updated in ages, there was a quick cleanup pass a couple of months ago to remove some totally outdated stuff but it's not actively maintained anymore.

That feature is still on the backlog, but hasn't made it into any specific version yet. 2.4 is locked out feature-wise and coming soon around mid-january for the first preview, and 2.5 will be GDC, I doubt we'll have time to put the frame export in for 2.5, but priorities might shift a bit til then so don't take my word for it.

Are you more interested by a "dump viewport frames to a folder" like v1 has, for things like compositing (I suppose so as you're talking about filmmaking)? or more by a render-to-flipbook version?

Glad you like v2 ! :)

Thank you for your response. I understand about the Trello. And I understand, you can't expect that feature on the 2.5.
In any case, it's normal if you have other priorities.
As far as I'm concerned, I would like the feature : "dump viewport frames to a folder" like v1 has for compositing.
After that, I do it as an amateur for fun. I don't know what my word is worth. But compared to tools like trapcode, very very expensive or boris FX very very expensive too or Blender (which I love) which doesn't have the same power as PopcornFX for particles... So, I have the impression that PopcornFX would be perfect to be used in special effects tools like after effect, hitfilm, vegas...

To be honest, I hesitated to start developing an ofx plugin using your SDK, unfortunately, at the moment, I don't have enough time to look into the feasibility of the project.

I'm a computer scientist currently in phd thesis.

By then pass I wish you an happy end of year.