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Is there a way to prevent a SamplerCurve or SamplerAnimTrack from rotating with the instance like how you can by disabling TransformRotate on Localspace evolvers? I'm creating an effect that has orbs rotating around the instance independent of the instance's rotation. So this means no matter how much the instance wobbles or spins around, the orbs won't follow along with that rotation. However the problem is the particle starting point from a SamplerCurve or SamplerAnimTrack does. It causes a visual bug where for one frame the particle will spawn at the starting point of either of the samplers before snapping back to where it was in the last frame, causing the trail effect the orbs have to freak out. Is there a way I can prevent either of these samplers from rotating around with the instance to stop visual bugs with trail effects on my orbs? Thanks.
by VileGoo (160 points)

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