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I created an effect of a text appearing using an attribute sampler text. Everything works fine, except I can not change the text inside UE4.



I properly assigned a sampler text Actor to the effect, but it only seems to take into account the number of characters, and ignore the CharID of the characters. (In PopcornFx editor, the text sampler is "Lorem Ipsum Dolor sit amet,....", and if I write "Hello world" (11 characters) in the sampler actor inside UE4, the effect displays "Lorem Ipsum" (11 characters) ).


I modified the example FX given in this link about the sampler text : https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/CParticleSamplerText   , adding an Alpharemapper to follow the stroke of each letters, and some sparkles

Is this a known issue on the UE4 plugin ? Or could there be an issue about the example FX being imported in UE4 ?

Thank you in advance, have a nice day

by desc.victor (120 points)

Sorry for the late answer, PopcornFX v2 release has kept us busy lately..

Quick question, are you sampling this text sampler (in your effect) at particle spawn or during particle lifetime ?

The content example project we provide with the plugin showcases an example of a text sampler, did you take a look at it ?


The text is sampled at spawn with the following lines :

int rawCharId = spawner.EmittedCount;
LineID = TextA.charLineId(rawCharId).x;
CharID = TextA.charLineId(rawCharId).y;

Then, at evolve, TextureID is set :

int     charCode = TextA.charCode(int2(LineID, CharID));
TextureID = max(0, charCode - ' ');

(This code is from the example "TextKerning", on PopcornFX's wiki page, no modification on these lines by me)

I also had issues with a mesh attribute sampler not working inside UE4

I do not have access to the git right, I'll have to ask my programmer about it.
I will check the example project and come back to you

Can you try selecting both samplers and enabling "AttributeSamplerAtEvolve" ?
Then reimport that effect in UE4 ?

Thank you, that was it !

Now the problem is that i can't make a line break inside ue4, even using "\n" like in the editor, I'll make some research

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