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I purchased the PopcornFX Particle Effects Plugin on the Unity asset store a couple years ago. I just went to work with it and found its deprecated from the store. The web site here shows it still in existence. Is it still being developed and supported? If so, how can I get my license transferred to the currently supported version?


by rob.collins (120 points)

1 Answer

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Indeed we deprecated the plugin on the asset store as the version that is uploaded there is not compatible with Unity 2018, so we didn't want any client being confused thinking it would work with the latest Unity version.

We do have a version that is compatible with Unity 2017.4 and higher that we could send you (it is not released on the asset store yet). You just need to send us your invoice number at support@popcornfx.com.

by Paul (8k points)
Thank you, that's good news. I've sent an email to the support for upgrade.