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I'm struggling with importing my particles to Unity 2018 2.6. I have attached PK Fx Rendering Plugin to my main camera and PK FX Fx to my particle game object.

I set my bake path to Streaming Assets/PackFx and bake my particles to there. The imported pkfx file would appear inside my Unity project but when I apply it to my PK Fx Fx component and play, the isPlaying won't even check. I went over the sample particles and went over to the PopcornFx editor to look into them.

I even duplicated the Pk_Sphere sample particle as MyParticle and based it into Unity. When I applied it to PK Fx Fx, the particle effect attributes won't even show up and the particle wouldn't play.

I'm really confused on what's preventing my particles from working. The particles are fairly simple ones (stroke of grass particle and fire particle). Could you please please help me? Thank you.
by thegrailvr (120 points)

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