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Hey guys,

Is there a way to visualize shape samplers in the editor without selecting them?

Also could we add in the ability to use primitive shapes in the backdrop in the same manner as shape samplers?

by simonb3d (480 points)

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Hi simonb3d,

You can achieve this by enabling the "Debug rendering" button in the Editor's top toolbar (see number 9).

For now there is no builtin way to add backdrop primitives, you would have to create your meshes in maya or something and import them in the editor in order to add them as 3D meshes backdrops.

However, this is something we could think about for later versions of the editor.


by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
Hi there, thank you for the reply

It seems that when I enable debug rendering I only see additionally lines pointing in the particles velocity. Is there a specific option I need enabled in the preferences to visualize the shape samplers?

it's button #9, not button #22 (although they have the same icons)
#9 shows the shapes
#22 shows some particle vectors
Thank you, I have it working now,