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The given solution for non-uniformally scaled sprites (ensure the SizeField is a float2) seems to stop working as soon as a sprite's Billboarding mode is set to any of the "Velocity Align" options.

How can I have non-uniformally scaled sprites that are still velocity-aligned? Before you ask, I do not want my sprites to scale relative to velocity (I would prefer to maintain control over my proportions).

Can this be done?

asked by SevenCubed (200 points)
I'm sorry, I've been unclear. Again, I don't want velocity to factor in here.

What I'm looking for is to have particles orient in the direction of their velocity _and_ be able to independently control their X and Y scale.

In this instance, my Billboard mode is set to VelocitySpheroidalAlign, my AxisScale is set to 0 (I don't want to change shape relative to velocity), and my Size is a float2 (1,0.1). It's rendering squares with a size of 1.

The expected behaviour is that it would render rectangles with a size of (1,0.1), orienting the particle in the direction of motion. Are my assumptions incorrect?


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The "Velocity*Aligned" billboarding modes are actually a misnomer inherited from old versions of popcorn.

You can specify any axis, not just velocity.

So, to do what you want, just create a new float3 particle field named "StretchAxis" or whatever, add an evolve script after whatever evolvers modify the particle velocity (for example, the physics evolver), and do:

float myStretchFactor = 0.1234;
StretchAxis = safe_normalize(Velocity) * myStretchFactor;

And that should do the trick.


answered by Julien (32.2k points)