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 Rotation = Path_1.sampleNormal(LifeRatio);
In an evolve script is not the right answer, apparently

by Kjetil (120 points)
I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do?
You want the particle to move along the path and orbit around it? like, move along a spiral along your path?
Or maybe stretch the particle so one end touches the path and the other end points away from it along a vector orthogonal to the path, and rotates around it?

There are actually an infinite number of "normal" axes at any point on a path (when plotted, they form a circle, whose disk is perpendicular to the path at that point), and 'sampleNormal' returns the normal of the shape swept along the path, if you have no shape, it will return zero.
What you're looking for is probably 'path.axisUp', 'path.axisSide', or 'path.axisForward' ? these represent the 3D coordinate frame along the path, based on the path rotations created in the 3D package that was used to export the path.
Sorry, I'm not exactly sure how to word it, because I only know what I want to do, not how to do it. I'll try to explain a bit better;

Currently getting a mesh sampler's orientation, to follow an animation path, is quite simple when/if you use the animation path under "AnimClip" in scene settings. But I don't understand how to get mesh particles to orient themselves to an animation path (either used in "scene settings" or as "path sampler").

An easy way to describe it would be, think of a roller coaster where the wagon is the particle and the tracks are a sampler path. I want the wagon(s) orientation to align itself to the tracks.

I did a concept particle effect (with unity's system), I want to recreate it in popcorn, just with a bit more flexibility. Not sure how to go about it.

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