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Anytime I right-click a layer (any kind of layer...spawner, shape sampler, etc.) and select "copy", the editor crashes with about a 1 second delay to the desktop, without any warning/error notification.  If I duplicate an existing particle system in the content browser, same exact result.  It seems very specific to the action of copying something that exists within PopcornFX.

I'm not sure how this would have just started, been using it the last couple of months just fine (no updates applied or anything like that).  Began this week, I believe (hard to say for certain, I just got back on particle work this week after a couple weeks away).

Running up to date Windows 10 with up to date drivers.
by parkerTPG (150 points)

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I'm finally found what's the cause of this.

Any of 3rd party application or plugins who take some trick with Clipboard related action could be reason.

In my case, that one was MultiClipboard plugin on Notepad++. I don't know how it could but it really make the problem. and as I close the program (notepad++) the problem has gone.

Maybe this will help you guys. cheers
by gmlaud0209 (850 points)
GG for finding this ! We could repro it, and will issue a patch
(see this topic for follow-up: https://answers.popcornfx.com/1284/copy-paste-doesnt-work )