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I recently updated Popcorn editor to 1.13
We are using Unity 5.6.5 and plugin v2.9
I baked the effect from 1.13 and put it into unity and nothing showed up, no attributes at all.
Is the editor vs plugin the issue or am I missing something?
by midwinterdreams (1.1k points)

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Unity plugin v2.9 does not support v1.13

We do have a totally new plugin currently in beta that supports 1.13 though.
It totally changes the way rendering is done, and now goes through Unity's rendering, but we don't consider it fully production-ready and ready to go on the asset-store just yet.

Long story short:

  • You can't use v1.13 with the publicly available plugin.
  • If you want to give the new plugin a try, shoot us a mail at support

You can check the status of the plugins availability for a given version of popcorn by going to the release notes page on the wiki here : https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/PK-Editor_v1.13#Plugin_status

Or (slightly less readable), the changelog page in the Unity plugin section lists the runtime sync status for the different versions of the plugin : https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Changelog_(Unity_Plugin)

Also, the asset store page specifies the version of the PopcornFX runtime supported by the plugin

by Julien (32.9k points)