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Experimenting with mesh animations, Juke Girl animation works fine in PopcornFX editor, but does not animate in Unity. Only similar example scene I can find involves Popman mesh, but no clues except that there is a separate model of a normal FBX of Popman animating, and then PFX mesh matching to it, I've tried importing the same FBX model used in Juke Girl, set up an animation controller in Unity using her animation, but there is apparently more going on behind the scenes that connect these two. I assume the particle mesh is dependent on the mesh and not just there for side by side comparison as pausing the model in any way causes the particle mesh to pause in the same position. Dependencies are checked upon import and its building to the Unity path as specified in docs.
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To sample an animated mesh in Unity, you need to import the mesh and the animation in Unity and put it in you scene.

After that, change the type of your shape sampler to SkinnedMesh and assign the SkinnedMeshRenderer of the animated mesh you put in you scene. You can find more information here : https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Effect_Attribute_Samplers#Skinned_Meshes

Hope this helps.

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