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So I notice that all effects just react to 100% of the audio being played, I want most to react just to music, but not be affected by other sound effects such as gunfire. How is this done? I did read through the documentation and I do see the script that allows you to pass in any data as spectrum data, but I'm not quite sure how I pass the value of the audio source in this in place of the sin wave example.

Furthermore, is it possible to have two different particle effects simultaneously react to two different sounds? So one is reacting to a song's audio source, while another is reacting to a specific SFX audio source? Thanks.
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Here is a sample script which allow you to sample a specific AudioSource and assign channel :


To use it, add the component on an AudioSource and set the channel.

You can choose which channel is sampled by your effect by setting the property ChannelGroup on the ParticleSamplerSpectrum in the PopcornFX editor. You can find more informations here : https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/CParticleSamplerSpectrum

Hope this helps

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