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I'm making a rain effect to use with Unity.

I have followed the instructions here: https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Category:Unity

The particles are colliding with a mesh in the PopcornFX editor and the collision is spawning another particle system - the splash. However this is not happening in Unity. I have added the mesh builder to an empty game object in the hierarchy, added a rock (with a mesh renderer and colliders) to the mesh builder (which is checked as static) and built the mesh but pressing the button on the mesh builder script, but the rain just falls through the rock and the particles don't get destroyed.

What could I be missing? I'm using the latest personal edition of the Popcorn plugin with Unity 2017.3.1p1

by lissan.algaib (120 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Lissan,

Are you sure that you checked the "Use Scene Mesh" option on the PKFxRenderingPlugin (On your camera, in the advanced settings) with the same scene mesh name as the one outputted by the mesh builder? Can you see the .pkmm file created by the mesh builder in your StreamingAssets folder?

Hope this helps

by Paul (8k points)