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Hey everyone, after going back through the tutorial with no success I even reimported the project and started fresh. Every time after I apply the first turbulence code, the ribbons go from looking like the video perfectly to visibly nothing. The turbulence settings were default, I tweaked them after making sure everything is set the same the video and I do notice when I adjust values like strength, wavelength, and global scale, I can at least see the effects, but they are wild and no longer are to the shape of the sphere like in the video, so even though they were set to the default values it makes me think something with the turbulence sampler is causing this.

Using version
by VRPanda (160 points)

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Hi VRPanda,

Thanks for your message.

Would you be so kind as to send us your FX so that we can check it out and see what's going on?

Please send it to support at popcornfx dot com

by jbayeux (780 points)