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Has anyone made a Fishingline yet that flies from the end of a rod to a surface? I guess I need Ribbon for that?
by jollyro (120 points)

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You can find some tips about how to create this kind of effects here.

We do not support advanced physical simulation nor constraints between particles so you will have to fake that.

One way you could do that is to expose 2 attributes "float3" that will be the start position of the rope and the end position (those will be updated from a script in a game engine to stick to the rod) and then lerp between those 2 values to set the position of the particles along that path (rendered as a ribbon). You can then add some inertia to the particles so that they seem to move more realistically.

If you need more information, just let me know and I could send you a .pkkg with an example for this behavior.


by Paul (7.9k points)