Is there a way to Kill all particle simulations at once using a script command in Unity?

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I am running a batch script that renders sequential cutscenes, and I'd like to be able to kill all of the particles after rendering a cut-scene. I will then load the next cutscene and render that separately. By render, I mean that I'm saving out image sequences. The tricky part is that the same pkfxfx components might exist in separate cutscenes, so I will be turning them back on again. I'm counting on them playing again from the beginning. Any suggestions?
asked Mar 30 by scott.peterson (270 points)

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Hi Scott,

There is no way to kill all the effects at once.
But you can enable the individual effect's killing option and call the KillEffect method on all the PKFxFX components of your scene to kill instantaneously the particles of the effects.

Hope this helps

answered Apr 5 by Valentin (6,960 points)