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I am using Unity3d trying to get the PopcornFX spectrum processing to create responsive visualization on microphone input. It is working as long as as the sound being recorded in the microphone is actually also playing out the speakers, which means that the person speaking into the microphone hears their audio coming back out of the speakers which is unwanted. If I do anything to try to prevent this like set up mixer groups then the audio seems to no longer make it to the spectrum processing.

I tried to use the overrides in "Passing custom data to the Audio samplers (Unity plugin)" on the wiki but even though I got it to work there seems to be an unsolvable problem. The smallest buffer size I can make in Unity for recording is one second long and when I try to read the audio data from the mic recording buffer it is the buffer contents from one second ago instead of the sound being recorded that instant, so there is always a one second delay which ruins everything.

Any ideas/solutions?

by mducharme (120 points)

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