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I am using the latest UE4 plugin (1.8.0) with UE4 4.18.3 and it works perfect, except one very important feature which is the audio sampling.

I found an empty audio sampler actor in the object list without icon and anything and looks useless.

The feature list contains this option via some C++ audio interface... and that's it :)

I didn't find anything else and i have no clue where to start.

Can someone help me to solve this issue?

by grega.kovacs (120 points)
It would be a kind of solution if somehow bake the audio data into something (dynamic curve?). In this case we lose the realtime reacting but it isn't a problem in most cases.

Any idea how to do that or is it possible at all?

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We have been waiting a long time to release this feature in the UE4 plugin, and our only possible implementation is to release a C++ interface for users to implement their own audio sampler.

Basically UE4 doesn't (yet ?) provide a way to extract audio waveform/spectrum that packages and works on every platform. The Visualization plugin only works in editor. We can't either rely on third party plugins.

The C++ interface is pretty easy, you can just setup the Spectrum or Waveform data from blueprint by inheriting a BP class from the C++ interface (PopcornFXAudioSamplerActor).

m_SpectrumData and m_WaveformData need to be setup either from BP or C++ then returned and.. that's it. The main thing is effects need to sample the "Master" channel. You need to make sure the spectrum or waveform data is power of two (256/512/1024 samples). 512 or 1024 samples is generally enough.

There are differences in units from PopcornFX and UE4's visualization plugin, you'll need to tweak that also..

We are waiting for UE4's new audio engine to release some kind of audio spectrum/waveform extract at runtime.

Let us know how it goes,
by HugoPKFX (16.7k points)
Hi, thank you for the answer.

I am not sure what am i doing wrong but i guess this is beyond my abilities.
It doesn't matter what i am doing with my audio sampler based pk_effect it keeps crashing with a fatal error message right after compile.
What do you mean right after it compiles ? Is PopcornFX editor crashing ?
Feel free to send us your effect on our support mail (support@popcornfx.com) so we can have a look