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Hello, I'm looking for some documentation on using PopcornFx in C++ but I haven't been able to find anything anywhere. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated.
by Dirtsleeper (140 points)

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You should find some documentation here : https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/UE4#Wiki

Once you have installed the plugin (by following the documentation above), and after generate visual studio files, you should find in your solution under Plugins/UE4PopcornFXPlugin/PopcornFX/Source/PopcornFX/Public all the *.h files with all the classes and functions you need. 

You should first take a look at PopcornFXFunctions.h wich gives you acces to a bunch of user utilities static functions, PopcornFXEmitter.h and PopcornFXSceneActor.h will be a good start point in your search.

Hope this helps,

by Maxime (5.4k points)