Using an animation sampler in UE4?

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I have a particle emitter that uses a SamplerAnimTrack, which has 2 different AnimTrackIndex within it. Now I have the functionality working my issue is, how do I get this into the engine and have it so that I can change the animation in UE4? Because when I import it into UE4 I does not appear to work the same way as it does in popcorn.

- what I have in popcornfx;

asked Feb 2 by Jamesking96 (780 points)

1 Answer

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Hi James,

Animtrack sampler (or attribute sampler) isn't implemented in the UE4 plugin yet. This will come with PopcornFX v1.13 post GDC:

Another option would be to use several Curve attribute samplers, that you can override in UE4 with a CurveDynamic attribute sampler. You can feed its Positions/Tangents/KeyTimes from a Spline mesh component for example.

answered Feb 9 by HugoPKFX (14,920 points)