PopcornFx Unity Rendering Plugin can't render my effect properly, why?

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The PopcornFx Unity Rendering Plugin renders my multi-layered effect as separately positioned effects, which it is not, it is a ribbon effect and mesh spawner effect, which should be displayed on top of one another. Currently the mesh spawner gets rendered in front of the ribbons. The Unity rendering plugin seems to be unable to render my effect properly. The effect displays fine in the popcornFx editor but when played in unity the effect is broken. Below is a photo of the effect broken in Unity.

Image of particle effect in unity

asked Jan 30 by morgan (120 points)
Hi morgan, the image didn't seem to get through, can you try relinking it please? it would help in troubleshooting this :)
Added the image, thanks for the heads up
Hey Morgan,
I'm sorry I didn't see your reply, just checked back here today.
I'm not sure I understand what's going on in that screenshot, and which parts are the mesh particles, and which parts are the ribbons.

Are these the ribbons? https://i.imgur.com/E1YMk6y.png
where's the mesh? is it the rock(s) ?

When you say separately positioned, are you referring to the sorting issue? or is one of the layers spawning at an incorrect location in the scene compared to the other? (like, one layer spawns at the correct location, but the other spawns at the world origin)

Also, regarding the sorting, did you try tweaking the "DrawOrder" values in the renderers, does it change anything?

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