[Unity3D] Does the plugin support Android build using IL2CPP backend?

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When I try to build an android app using IL2CPP backend I get many 'undefined reference' errors (GetRuntimeVersion, GetStats, LoadFx, StopFX, etc.). Is there any setup that I'm missing or that is not supported?

I'm using Unity 2017.2.0p4 with DiscoveryPack. I'm able to build normally for Android(Mono) and iOS on Windows and Mac OS X.

asked Jan 23 by teofilo (120 points)

1 Answer

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We currently only support IL2CPP on iOS (and Mono on Android).  

We might bring IL2CPP support for the other platforms where it's an option in the future, depending on how much work it requires.

answered Jan 24 by Raphael (10,600 points)
Thanks, Raphael!

Unfortunately, we need IL2CPP support on Android for a specific project. We'll check other alternatives for now.

Actually it seems to be working fine with our full plugin (distributed with the C# sources). It's probably only a problem when the plugin is compiled in assemblies, as it's the case with our discovery plugin.