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Popcorn is crashing after I try to open a project on the empty white window of the Content Browser.  My version of Popcorn is the same as the version that made the project file.  Any ideas?
asked by Kachimakee (120 points)

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such crashes when opening the content browser in v1.10 have been linked to texture loaders for some specific image formats (namely TIFF)

To quickly check if it's related to texture previews, follow the following steps:

- launch the project selection window, and click on the "User Infos" button on the bottom-left corner of the window
- Copy the "User data folder" path, and go in there in an explorer window
- Once you're in there, open the following subfolders: "Editor/Local/Projects"
- Here, you should find a .xml file with the same name as your project. Open it in a text editor.
- Find the "<SelectedResourceType>" tag. It should contain one or more lines, amongst which: "<string>Texture</string>"
- Delete that line. This should uncheck the "Texture" content filter option in the content browser the next time you launch it, making it not process textures.
- Re-open your project, you should not see textures, and if the crash is indeed related, it should not crash anymore.

Can you also please send us the editor logfile after a crash occured ?
It's the "popcorn.htm" file at the root of the "User data folder" mentioned above.

If the above steps fix the crash:

Can you try with the v1.10.5 editor, which has a bunch of TIFF-related bugfixes?

If it's indeed some textures that make the editor crash on startup, can you please send a bunch of these to our support email so we can make sure the issue is indeed fixed in more recent versions?

Thanks !
answered by Julien (32.5k points)
I followed the steps outlined and am having a couple issues.  

1.  There is no line containing <string>Texture</string> in the .xml file

Here is a link to said file:

2.  I am  unable to find the popcorn.htm file anywhere even after a system wide search.

Thank you!
Okay so it doesn't seem to be what I thought.
that's weird for the popcorn.htm, maybe the editor doesn't have the access rights to the folder it tries to write it to.

Does it crash for any project, even new ones you create, or is it this specific project?

Can you try removing and re-adding the project from the project list in the project launcher?

Looking at the file you linked, it references an older project format: "S:/TRION/kiwi/main/art_asset/vfx/Packs/VFX/PopcornProject.xml"

Can you check this file exists? if it does, can you please send it over to support at popcornfx dot com?
If it doesn't exist, there should be a PopcornProject.pkproj instead, can you send that one over as well?